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Serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the following cities:  Big Point, Escatawpa, Gautier, Hurley, Moss Point, Pascagoula, Wade
  1. Computer Clean-Up & Optimization
    To keep your computer working properly, computer maintenance and computer tune-ups are important.
    Performing computer maintenance and tune-ups on your system can prevent costly emergency repairs. Being proactive with maintenance on your computer lessens your chance of computer meltdowns and a system that is slow. Effective computer maintenance can prevent: * Computer crashes * Data loss and corruption * Slow computer speed
  2. Virus and Malware Removal
    Viruses, spyware, and other malware (malicious software) can cause your computer to run slow and harm or destroy your operating system.
    Some characteristics of an infected PC could be any of the following: * Your computer is running slower than usual. * Your computer is not blocking pop-ups effectively. * You experience frequent computer crashes. * Your computer is unresponsive often.
  3. Operating System Re-Installation
    Sometimes the only option is to reinstall the operating system, hardware drivers, security updates, and needed software.
    Instances such as hard drive failures, corrupted registry, a severe case of malware, persistent performance issues, and missing system files can be some reasons why you might need someone to reinstall the operating system.
  4. Data Backup & Recovery
    Prevent loss of data by securing your data in a safe, off-site location for quick data retrieval. A properly setup/tested backup solution will ensure quick data retrieval and recovery in the event of loss or corruption.
    Rule of Thumb: Always keep your data in two different locations. This is key to data loss prevention.
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